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Mobilitywheels Price Match Guarantee to You

How Does our Price Match Guarantee Work.
If you find a lower price on our competitors website (must be the same item and this includes model, & warranty), simply show us the lower price and we will match the price. It is important to understand that all price match request must be submitted at the time of purchase or within 7 days of your purchase. Customers who request price match after placing their order will receive a refund (or the difference) in the following ways:
  • Credit card Refund or,
  • Gift Voucher redeemable anytime in our store.

    Which items does Mobilitywheels price match?

    For the most part, everything we sell is eligible for a price match request. Simply click on the price match flash associated with each of product and send us a request.

    Which items and services are not available for price match?

    We do not price match our third party providers products and services (e.g., In-home service warranty), items sold on auction sites or at local or special events (e.g., grand opening, clearance or liquidation sales). Shipping charges may also be eligible for a price match, but in most cases we do not price match shipping cost. Call us at 1-866-748-2935 for more details

    How does Mobilitywheels coupons and discounts affect price match?

    When calculating a price match, we will deduct any available coupons, Gift certificates, discount offers from our listed price to arrive at the selling price.

    Example 1: if you buy an item from us for $120 and we offer a $20 coupon savings, the selling price is $100. If another companys price is $100 or more, we will not match the price because our net price now becomes the same as the other companies price.
    Example 2:if you buy an item from us for $160 and you have a $30 coupon, the net price is $130. If another companys price is $125, your price match would be $5.

    Are delivery charges included in the price match?

    Yes. When we compare our price to another company's delivery price, the company's shipping and handling fees will be added to their price to make a fair comparison against our price. If the other company's shipping and handling fees are not supplied, we will use our shipping fees (most orders on our site comes with free shipping) to the other company's price.
    Example: If a competitors selling price is $50.00 and the shipping cost for the product is $10.00, the company's selling price will be $60.00. This is the amount we will use to match your price.

    Are quantities limited on price matched products?

    In some cases, we may limit the quantities of price matched items, particularly if the other company does. In addition, we reserve the right to limit quantities sold to a customer.

    Mobility wheels online team

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