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Mobility Scooters

Thank you for visiting our mobility scooter store. The mobility scooters, including our 3 & 4 wheel scooters are sold at discounted and affordable rates. Keeping more money in your pocket is what drives us, which is why our 3 & 4 wheel scooters are offered at cheap/affordable and competitive prices. These affordable/cheap electric scooters start at $489. The $489 scooters usually our mini motorized scooters and are available for petite individuals.

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An electric scooter also known as mobility scooter is an alternative to a motorized wheelchair. It gives you the opportunity to do things for yourself, go shopping just like a power wheelchair. A scooter is ideal for those interested in something that looks sporty. However, please understand that adequate balance is needed to use a scooter.

We carry three types of scooters

3- wheel mobility scooter:

Most of our three wheel scooters also known as transportable scooters are easy to break down and can be easily stored in a car or taken on the road for a trip. It is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

4-wheel mobility scooter:

when the primary purpose of using your scooter is for outdoor activities, then a 4-wheel scooter is a perfect for you. Its four wheel feature provides great stability and is ideal for use on rough terrain. It is also designed to accommodate individuals that weight up to 350lbs.

Heavy-duty scooters:

Our heavy duty mobility scooter section consists of both four-wheel and three- wheel scooters. If you weight over 350lbs, a heavy duty scooter is the right choice for you. Our heavy duty scooter can accommodate individuals that weigh up to 600lbs.

Our mobility scooter store also offers accessories and in-home service warranty option. We also offer scooter ramps, wheelchair ramps, scooter cane holders, mobility scooter walker and oxygen tank holder. We also carry scooter and power wheelchair lifts. The brand of 3 & 4 wheel mobility scooters available at our store include top manufacturers such as Pride mobility, Merits, Activecare, and Invacare. Our line of pride scooters include Go-Go elite, Pride rally, Legend and pride mini motorized scooters.

Our mini and portable motorized scooters easily breaks down for travel. Most of our scooters can easily fit in the trunk of a car, SUV and so on. For those interested in purchasing more of our heavy duty mobility scooters, you may benefit from one of our portable mobility scooter ramps or our motorized trunk lift. With our line of mobility scooters you will have the opportunity to go visit friends, neighbors and family. Call us at 1-866-748-2935 to make arrangements to purchase your new scooter or shop online.

Free shipping
All our mobility scooters including 3 and 4 wheels come with free shipping. We understand how much you are paying, that is why we decided to offer free shipping on all our power wheelchairs and scooters. All power wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs and scooters sold in our online store comes with the two batteries. So when your power chair or scooter arrives, it arrives ready to use. There is no need to purchase batteries separately from different suppliers.

Will I pay for shipping?
No, all travel, portable and heavy duty 3 and 4 wheel scooter sold at our online store comes with free shipping.

Why are your prices so low?
Your power wheelchair or scooters are shipped to you directly from the manufacturer. Because all our customers are preferred customers, we pass our savings onto you.

What happens if my 3 or 4 wheel electric scooter breaks down?
No problem, we are here to help you before and after you purchase your electric mobility scooter. If your electric scooter breaks down just contact us at 1-866-748-2935. We will work with your to try to resolve the problem. Most times flipping a switch will get your wheelchair or scooter working again. In the event, it cannot be resolved over the phone we can send parts to you or dispatch a service technician to your home at no charge Dispatching a service technician to your home is valid if you purchased a Pride or Golden technology product or you purchased a labor service warranty and the electric wheelchair is still within 1 year from the date of purchase. Parts are sent at no charge if they are covered under warranty

Do you provide in-home service warranty?
Yes, a Pride and Golden Technology power wheelchair, mobility scooters and lift chairs automatically comes with a 1 year in-home service warranty. For other power wheelchairs and scooters we offer in home service warranty as an option. Some of our wheelchairs and scooters that are not pride and Golden Tech comes with this option, be sure to look carefully for items with or without this option before making a purchase.

Will I pay sales tax?

Can I return my Electric mobility scooter?
Yes, we have a 30- day return policy. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your electric wheelchair please contact us before returning the equipment. To return the equipment it must be in original condition, unused, tires must be clean, power wheelchair must be free of scratches, it must be in the original box, a 10% restocking fee is applied to all returns and the customer is responsible for making arrangements with a shipping company to return the item, in addition, the customer pays all return shipping cost. View our policy section for additional information.

What if my mobility scooter arrives damaged?
All items (could be a component or whole equipment) that arrive damaged will be repaired or replaced at no cost to you. However, you must contact us within 2 days of receipt of the item to report ay damages

Remember our online store carries scooters starting as low as $489We carry the best brand in the market, pride scooters, Go-Go Pride scooters, Merits scooters, Merits mini motorized scooters, Invacare scooters, custom scooters..
Sales tax may apply to items shipped to Maryland

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